ArtistsFloor is an art education platform and teaching institution based in central London. This business is a unique proposition that will act as a hub for art cross-culture, providing professional art instruction in a friendly, creative environment to a range of individuals. At its core, ArtistsFloor’s main mission is to create a community of budding artists from around the city, providing a variety of programmes, specially formulated sessions and collaboration opportunities. ArtistsFloor will operate not only as a physical space with proposed premises but also as an online platform where art courses may be purchased and undertaken by customers.

“For artists and painters having a concept is very important but what is more important is to learn the painting techniques before the concept.” Ava Moradi

ArtistsFloor is available for all types of customers from a different range of experiences and levels of prior instruction in art. ArtistsFloor main point is the creation of a wider art community that exists for people of all ages and abilities. ArtistsFloor will achieve this by offering a combination of structured teaching and open art sessions including social art lessons as well as more serious instruction. Ava Moradi emphasises that the ultimate objective of ArtistsFloor is to encourage the growth of artistic community, creativity and collaboration amongst the public of all ages and ability levels.

“This is the wrong interpretation that you feel you need to be talented in order to paint, with the right class and the right techniques everyone can create beautiful art and enjoy their time.” Ava Moradi

About the Artist

Ava Moradi founder of ArtistsFloor, is a contemporary sculptor, painter and entrepreneur with global experience of art gallery management, exhibition curation, teaching. Graduated with a Master’s from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and furthered her education through a Master of Research at the University of the Arts of London in Theory of Philosophy and Exhibition Studies.

As an artist, her most recent work involves low relief engraving on stones personally selected from mines around the world, exploring forms of harmony and disharmony in nature. Moradi has exhibited widely throughout Europe and Asia and has held solo shows in London, Beijing, Shanghai, St. Moritz, Monaco, Urmia, Verona and Seoul. Amongst her most notable group exhibitions is a group exhibition in London’s Somerset House and Switzerland, where her art was exhibited alongside of Damien Hirst and Fondation Giacometti.

Ava Moradi champions a dual desire to promote female leadership in the arts and encourage cultural exchange around the world. As a passionate art teacher, she has created and organized art teaching classes in different cities and tries to connect everyone through ArtistsFloor.