Charcoal Drawing Classes

Structured and systematic charcoal courses.

ArtistsFloor teaching techniques are different from other art classes, as we believe everyone can draw by learning the techniques. It’s not about the talent, it’s about your passion and practice.

At the end of each course, every student will finish one charcoal drawing. You can click and visit the page of students first drawings examples.

The courses are divided into two sections.

– Sketch (portrait esquisse)
In Sketch classes you will learn how to draw portrait features; separate and complete figures

– Charcoal Powder Drawing (hyper-realism)
In Powder classes, you will use ‘Conte Brush’, ‘Conte and Pencil Powder’ with an existing printed image, In this session you will be taught how to get prepared fast before your class. This session focus on your texture techniques with an existing sketch and how to draw realism or hyper-realism.

Sample Works