Oil Painting Classes

ArtistsFloor is offering a combination of structured teaching and open art sessions for those who have never painted before and for art lovers who want to learn different oil painting skills or to participate in ArtistsFloor creative mix-media oil classes. The class structure will maximize teaching effectiveness while creating a course that boosts self-confidence and creates life enjoyment.

ArtistsFloor oil classes can be a little different. We don’t start from the beginning of colour shapes but we start from canvas and prepare you how to learn oil painting in a very new method. Students will learn to look at oil painting differently and learn compositions of colour, shape and tone in one sitting.

– Hyper-Realism
– Realism
– landscape Art
– Impressionism
– Expressionism
– Figurative Art
– Abstract

Choose the one you like and learn it in a way that you can enjoy.

Students Sample Works