Private Tuition

If you are an art lover or you want to become an artist or boost your art portfolio by developing your styles, ArtistsFloor private art tuition is made for you.

ArtistsFloor has a specific structured programme that teaches the techniques of your chosen area of interest that is suited to your level of ability. You can choose the medium of your interest, Charcoal, Oil on Canvas, Watercolor, Pencil, Pastel, Glass painting and learn different styles and genres to your own specific interests.

The most important aspects of ArtistsFloor classes is that you don’t need to have any background in art, you just need to believe that anyone can draw or paint well with the right techniques and passion for art. We teach you a general overview of the basic principles of drawing and painting but you will start your first class, painting on a canvas.

Every art student will learn how to progress their ideas, designs, creatively of their own personal style into their artwork or art installation.

Private art tuition can be arranged for just £50 per hour, with each session a minimum of two hours. ArtistsFloor schedule a mutually convenient time for the first session of courses. Pay as you go private art tuition classes are also available for art lovers.

Please refer to the art gallery to see students artworks examples.